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  • Jennifer Betz

Flora Farms to Celebrate Springfield Dispensary Grand Opening on March 5th, 2021

New dispensary opening in Springfield

The Springfield Dispensary Will be Flora Farms' Third Location

Flora Farms is preparing to open the doors of its Springfield dispensary on Friday, March 5th, 2021. This will be the third dispensary the company has opened in Missouri since the medical marijuana program authorized the first stores for operation in October 2020. The others are in Neosho and Humansville.

Flora also has a cultivation facility in Humansville, where it grows some of the medical marijuana for its own products.

If you make it to Flora’s grand opening in Springfield, you’re going to find gummies, drinks and pre-rolls, and a greater variety of products is on its way as the medical marijuana program continues rolling out in Missouri.

Check out the growing list of open dispensaries in Missouri here. And don’t forget to get your Missouri marijuana card before you visit!

Our compassionate doctors are here to help. Book a same-day telehealth appointment online, get all your questions answered, and be ready to visit a dispensary in no time!

Flora Farms - Springfield

2027 N Glenstone Ave

Springfield, MO 65803

(417) 812-6151

Hours of Operation:

10 AM-6 PM

7 Days a Week

Flora Farms - Neosho

890 W Harmony Street

Neosho MO 64850

(417) 312-2971

Hours of Operation:

10 AM-6 PM

7 Days a Week

Flora Farms - Humansville

68 E. 300th Road

Humansville MO 65674

(417) 754-0004

Hours of Operation:

10 AM-6 PM

7 Days a Week

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