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Cannabis Trash? 5 Things You Can Do With Your Male Plants

- How to reduce your waste material; the top five things you can do with your male cannabis plants.

Men are no good defilers of women! That is, the males of the cannabis plants. All they do is defile your precious harvest with seeds where you don’t want any, and that’s the only thing male cannabis plants are good for, right?

No, there is plenty you can do with male cannabis plants that doesn’t include filling your trashcan.

Here are five things to consider doing with your male cannabis plants other than throwing them away.

1. Use them for breeding purposes.

If you haven’t thought about using your male cannabis plants for breeding purposes, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. By collecting pollen from your top-tier male plants, you can create your own varieties of cannabis!

So how do you select the right male cannabis plant for breeding?

● Consider the strength of the main stalk; you want the strongest available.

● Select for leaf structure; broad leaves may block light from reaching beyond the canopy.

● Smell your plants; your olfactory senses provide one of the best ways to figure out which cannabis plants are right for you.

2. Eat them.

Though male plants are commonly thought of as pharmacologically useless, they do produce many of the valuable compounds that female plants produce, albeit in lower doses.

For example, low amounts of THC can be found in the leaves of male plants, and the male plants can be eaten raw for a fresh dose of THCA.

People have used male cannabis plants to make consumables such as:

● Juices

● Teas

● Garnishes

● Salads

● Oils

● And more

3. Put them in your garden.

There are a variety of reasons you may want to transplant your male cannabis plants directly into your garden (follow federal, state, and local laws, of course).

For example, cannabis plants have deep taproots that encourage soil aeration, moisture retention, and root propagation for other plants. Cannabis also acts as a phytoremediator. That is, it cleans potentially dangerous compounds out of the soil, such as heavy metals, according to researchfrom 2014.

Perhaps even more importantly, they’re potentially good for bee populations. According to research from 2019, “these pollen resources are attractive to a range of bee species” in North America.

4. Bask in its shade.

Research from 2004 showed that cannabis plants can reach over 260 cm high. That’s an eight-and-a-half foot tall plant that. If not being used for flower production, it could be used as a shade tree.

5. Produce your own textiles and cannabis byproducts.

You likely don’t need cannabis plants for all the ways in which you could use it. To date, cannabis plants have been used to:

● Feed livestock, such as pigs

● Make paper

● Build fire-proof buildings

● Create clothes

● The military used cannabis fibers for rope in WW1

Don’t throw away those male cannabis plants! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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