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  • Olivia Castro

Can Cannabis Trees Save The Bees?

Bee pollinating daffodil

Are Our Beloved Bees Doing OK?

Out of the thousands of species of bees on this earth, humans have chosen the honeybee to have a relationship with and it has been a vital one. Honeybees have led to not only delicious honey that we all can enjoy but also healthy crops worldwide!

If you are following the news, it comes to no surprise to you that the honeybees are in quite a pickle right now. They are dying at an unsustainable, shocking rate. This is extremely alarming as the bees are responsible for pollinating almost every crop on earth. Because of this the bees provide us with our favorite things from the apples and coffee in our kitchen to the fresh flowers on our coffee table.

If the bees were to completely die out, the effects on our food production would be horrific and would net in a financial loss for hundreds of billions, yes billions, of dollars per year! Is it possible for humans to do the work of the honeybees? Japan recently tested this theory by using drones to pollinate flowers. The results did not yield much success, leading us to the cold, hard facts: we cannot do the job of the honeybees!

How Can Cannabis Help Save The Bees?

As the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis advances state by state, studies are showing that this could be great news for our beloved bees!

A new study showed that many species of bees are just like us, they love cannabis! Cannabis pollen provides the bees with a lot of nutritional value. The study also revealed that the bees were specifically more drawn to male cannabis plants over female plants and were seventeen times more attracted to taller cannabis plants with more foliage.

This is good news for both of us! Male cannabis plants do not produce bud or flower like female cannabis plants do but they do, however, produce pollen. So while the bees are not getting the same buzz we do, they are doing their pollination job!

What can I do to help save the bees?

Here are a few things you can do to help save the bees:

  • Missouri is a grow state so you grow cannabis legally outdoors.

  • Stop using pesticides and go for a more organic, natural alternative like cayenne pepper.

  • Put a fountain or birdbath in your yard with rocks exposed so that bees can have a safe place to land and drink.

  • When spring comes and the dandelions start sprouting, don’t pull them but leave them for the bees.

  • Plant a garden in your yard or plant some trees so bees can get their nectar.

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