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  • Ashley Slimak

Bill Proposed To Allow Medical Marijuana Use In Missouri Hotels and Airbnb's

Upcoming Missouri Bill Will Allow Consumption of Medical Marijuana At Hotels

A new bill was recently filed that would allow medical marijuana patients to consume cannabis at hotels, Airbnb's and lodging facilities in Missouri.

Under the bill, it would require Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services to create a license which shows that a facility is a ‘medical marijuana lodging establishment.’ Any establishments that wish to obtain a license would have to submit an application and $50 fee to the state.

Once the license has been obtained, lodging facilities would have to adhere to specific guidelines including the following:

  • Confirm that guests are registered medical marijuana patients

  • Include signage in the facility that states cannabis can be consumed on their property

  • Make sure that designated cannabis consumption areas are at least 25 feet away from areas where consumption is prohibited

Any establishments that permit marijuana use on their property without a license could be faced with a fine of $1,000 for a first offense, $2,000 for a second, $5,000 for a third and suspension of their business license for a fourth offense.

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