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3 Unique Jobs in the Cannabis Industry Today

- Interesting jobs in the world’s most rapidly expanding industry.

Imagine if the prohibition of alcohol was still under enforcement in the United States. Speakeasies would employ bartenders and security and bootleggers would provide for their families, but there would be millions of jobs missing from today’s marketplace. As the prohibition of cannabis slowly fades away, the marketplace is responding by creating more and more jobs.

What started as a small medical community in a few states employing hundreds or possibly thousands of employees, has ballooned to a multi-billion dollar industry in a matter of years. In fact, Colorado by itself brought in over $1.4 billion in recreational cannabis sales in 2019.

That’s left us wondering, what kinds of jobs is such a massive market creating that we might not have heard much about? Here are three unique jobs in the cannabis industry today.

Edibles Chef

Everyone has that one friend who makes the best brownies. You’d take them over a dispensary-bought edible any day. But some people take making edibles to another level. The great thing about infusing food with cannabis is that it doesn’t have to be psychoactive. Chefs have niched down to focus solely on CBD-infused meals, but plenty of others cater to well-known cannabis consumers like Wiz Khalifa.

Master Grower

Growing cannabis takes a well-rounded understanding of science, patience, and attention to detail. That’s why the people who run the greenhouses might be known as Master Growers. They’re the most experienced and talented cannabis growers in the industry. Many of them breed their own varieties of cannabis and keep their genetics closely guarded. During the years of prohibition, they may have been trying to keep their identities secret. Now, there are cannabis cup competitions to see who can breed the best varieties.

Cannabis Lawyer

Now more than ever, people in the cannabis industry need a good lawyer on their team. Before they might have needed them to keep them safe from the law, now, they’re needed to keep businesses operating within the law. Since the laws are always changing and there are conflicting statutes between the state and federal governments, cannabis lawyers have a fast-paced life and have to keep up with what’s changing to keep their clients afloat.

What other unique cannabis jobs can you think of? Let us know what we left out in the comment section!

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