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Older Generations and Cannabis

Older Generations Increasingly Open to Cannabis Consumption

  • Cannabis consumption isn’t just for the young and rambunctious, it’s also for the aged and wise.

For many Millennials, the idea of consuming cannabis in older age is as shocking as the idea of fishing, watching The Price is Right, or reading a book.

It’s a planned leisure for a time when every hair is gray.

However, the oldest among us today didn’t grow up with the idea of legal cannabis in their minds.

Instead, they were victims to decades of propaganda and misinformation that led them to believe that cannabis would make you want to rape or murder someone and that it was congruent to the worst drugs on Earth.

Now, however, according to a 2018 report, people over 50 are the fastest-growing population of cannabis consumers.

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Why are older people opening up to cannabis consumption?

Every person will experience and benefit from cannabis differently. So, there is a high degree of variability to this answer.

However, there are a few common themes that the older generations are following.

Benefits over Other Medications

To help people, we’ve devised plastic bottles attached together, labeled with the days of the week, each day filled with the day’s medication.

Open ‘Monday’ and a barrage of pills comes falling out of the cannister.

It’s no wonder people are looking for alternatives to their current medication.

They can either eat an herb in a sugar-free brownie or down a bunch of addictive opiates.

Public Perception

Another reason the older population has begun to use cannabis is that they see everyone else doing it. More importantly, they see everyone else doing it and not falling victim to what the propaganda would have had them believe.

Their children and children’s children are all as accustomed to cannabis as they are alcohol.

If grandpa can have a spot of whiskey, who’s to say no to a pipe of dry herb?

Better Educated

The most important factor playing into the increased cannabis consumption in older populations is that they are more educated than ever before.

Prior to the internet and the expanse of cannabis research, they only knew of cannabis as the devil weed.

Now they know better.

And they’re enjoying cannabis more than you.

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