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Plan to Be Stoned: Maintaining High Productivity

  • How to be a productive person even when you’re continuously consuming cannabis.

We all know the trope of the lazy stoner. Though the industry has come a long way, the stigmatization of cannabis continues to linger like a stale cloud.

Contrary to popular belief, the existence of the lazy stoner is not prevalent. In fact, many cannabis consumers are more productive when they consume because they feel better while on their medicine.

However, feeling better doesn’t necessarily lead to productivity. Here are four steps to staying productive while consuming any type of cannabis product.

1. Choose the right product for the right situation.

Here are some important considerations when choosing the right cannabis product for the right situation:

  • How quickly you need relief

  • What you need relief for

  • What you’ll be doing

  • Your dosing schedule and availability to consume

As an example, if you’re going to work, you may not have a chance to consume again until after your shift. That means you’ll want a long-lasting product, like a tincture, patch, or edible.

If it’s your day off but you have a lot to get done around the house, shorter-lasting products should suffice, as you’re free to consume on your own time.

Make sure you pick a product that targets your needs for each task, as well. A couch-locking extraction isn’t your best bet for a day of productivity.

2. Be deliberate in your consumption.

So many consumers forget to set their intention before they engage with cannabis. Before you consume, internally ask the plant for what you want from it. Try thinking phrases like:

  • Thank you, Sour Diesel, help me focus on vacuuming and doing the dishes.

  • Respect, Girl Scout Cookies, give me the willpower to get my taxes done.

  • I cherish your sacrifice, Amnesia Haze, please guide me to getting the spring cleaning done today.

Once you’ve selected your product and set your intention, consume just enough to meet your threshold for relief. Without taking any more, you’ll maintain your executive functioning while reaping the rewards of consumption.

3. Act.

It’s no secret that cannabis can lead to a scattered mind. The firing of excited neurons can lead us away from what we intended to do.

Remind yourself to act as soon as you’ve finished your consumption. By acting on your intention that you set before you consumed, cannabis can help you be unstoppable.

4. Repeat.

Find what works well for you and continue to build on that practice. We are all different, but following this quick guide to cannabis productivity should help you find a balance.

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