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How to Automate Your Medical Marijuana Grow

Climate Control

Every grower needs to control the climate of their operation.

Lights get hot and plants produce moisture.

Simple climate controls would include similar timers as used in your photoperiod control to make sure that the heat and moisture are being exhausted each day.

Closed-loop systems with air conditioners, humidifiers, hygrometers, and thermostats can maximize your operations. With everything accounted for and preset to adjust as needed, you can rest assured that your cannabis is living its best life.

I Want to Automate My Medical Marijuana Grow!

  • How can patients automate their cannabis grow? The products you’ll need and where to start.

If you’ve read our guide on how to get started with your first cannabis grow and you found success, then your next question is probably, “how can I automate my personal indoor cannabis grow?”

That makes sense. Automating your grow helps you:

  • Save time and money

  • Focus on other aspects of your grow

  • Be certain your plants are getting exactly what they need

Here are some ways to automate your personal cannabis grow.

hydroponic cannabis grow in a grow tent with ventilation

Irrigation Control

If you’re finding yourself spending a lot of time watering your cannabis plants by hand, consider investing in a drip-irrigation system.

There are myriad reasons to invest in one, such as:

  • They are inexpensive to set up.

  • They automate a cumbersome task.

  • They ensure even, regulated irrigation to every plant at the same time.

Some growers have reported turning hour-long practices of hand watering into just a few minutes of labor with the use of drip-irrigation systems.

watering cannabis plants

Photoperiod Control

Manipulating the photoperiod in your grow is integral to helping your plants flower properly.

However, this goes far beyond switching off and on the lights.

If you’ve been manually turning off and on your lights to control how much time per day they are getting exposed to light, you’re wasting an enormous amount of time.

You can streamline your process with the purchase of a simple timer that can be added to your electrical outlet.

Some are simple, egg timer-style versions that have to be reset each day.

Others are fitted with simple computers that allow you to program when the lights go on and off each day.

The digital versions ensure that your plants get into a solid rhythm and experience the exact light exposure that you require, without the inconsistencies of switching the lights on and off yourself.

small scale cannabis cultivation

Security Control

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re lying down at night is the safety of your plants.

You don’t have to set up a secure compound to keep out intruders, but you do need proper security to keep out the pests and invaders.

Mites, molds, and mildews all want to attack your plants. By securing your grow room, you can keep most of them out in the first place.

Closed-loop ventilation systems prevent pathogens and mildew from entering through any ducts. Caulked edges and any filled-in gaps will help keep out things like spider mites.

Always keep a keen eye on your operation to ensure that your automated processes are healthy and sustainable.

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spider mites in a cannabis grow

Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

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