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Preparing For Your First Dispensary Visit

preparing for yourfirst dispensary visit.

4 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Your First Dispensary Visit

  • A quick guide to everything you need to know before visiting your first dispensary.

If you’re getting ready to visit a cannabis dispensary for the first time, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions. You may be nervous, excited, and a bit perplexed about what to expect. Here are four steps that will prepare you for your first dispensary visit.

1. Be Professional. Dispensaries are professional establishments.

While every dispensary has its own flow and style, they all have one thing in common: they are professional business establishments.

The owners, employees, and fellow customers will expect you to act as appropriately as you would at any other professional establishment, such as a grocery store or a clinic. 

2. Inform Yourself. Everything you’ll need to make your purchase.

Coming prepared to the dispensary is key to having a positive experience. Here are some of the most common things you are going to need as you enter:

  • An official state ID

  • Cash; most dispensaries still do not accept cards.

  • An idea of what you want. 

3. Relax. There’s no need to feel stress as you walk through the door.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious before entering your first dispensary, remember that the owners and people within are usually very friendly and know that many customers are entering for the first time.

You may have to wait in a line, but that’s because customers get individualized attention from the staff. The people behind the counters who will assist you are known as budtenders. They are not salespeople so much as they are attendants to answer questions and help you make a purchase.

They’ll answer your questions about how to consume products and what to expect from them. If you’re willing to share what you’re looking for and what experience you’d like to receive, they’ll even offer recommendations.

The bottom line: the budtenders are at your service, so leave your stress at the door and don’t feel rushed to make a choice quickly as you weigh your options.

4. Be A Good Customer. Departure etiquette.

Not to add stress to your exit, but there is etiquette to follow.

For example:

  • Exit promptly and do not linger in the parking lot.

  • Do not open your products in the parking lot.

  • Do not consume any cannabis products in the parking lot under any circumstance. 

Now that you know more about what it’s like inside a cannabis dispensary and what to expect, your first visit should go smoothly. We hope these four easy steps to preparing yourself have made your life easier!

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