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Cannabis Edibles 101

medical marijuna infused chocolate muffins

Edible Flowers: Why Cannabis is Best Consumed in Food

  • The recommended way to consume cannabis, how it works, and why it’s so beneficial.

If you only listened to the negative propaganda about cannabis consumption, you’d think that it’s an evil plant that’s smoked by lazy people.

However, if that were true, you wouldn’t see an increasing number of cannabis chefs, bakers, and entrepreneurs reinventing the industry.

It’s gone from a smoke-only industry to the large-scale production of cannabis-infused edibles.

Don’t I have to smoke cannabis to feel its effects?

Short answer: no.

There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis.

Smoking and eating are just two of them.

Smoking cannabis does deliver a more rapid effect.

That’s because the cannabinoids are processed in the lungs and delivered to the blood where they quickly disperse throughout our bodies.

Upon eating cannabis, some may be absorbed through the mouth and tongue, but most of it will be driven to the stomach.

Then, the cannabinoids are sent to the liver for processing.

That’s when the liver converts THC to 11-OH-THC, a suggestively more powerful and longer-lasting form of the psychoactive compound.

Beginners will want to be careful about how much cannabis they eat.

Here’s a quick dosing chart for eating cannabis.

medical cannabis cookies

What are cannabis-infused edibles?

Cannabis-infused edibles, most commonly known as ‘edibles’, are any type of food or drink that has been mixed with cannabis.

The most popular are sweets. Magic brownies, space cookies, and special rice Krispie treats are all common types of edibles available in dispensaries today.

Cannabis can be infused into food in a number of ways. Such infusion methods include:

  • Cannabutter or canna-oil in place of butter or oil in the recipe.

  • Directly infusing products such as noodles.

  • Adding cannabis-derived products as dressing or sauce.

  • Infusing water-soluble cannabinoids into any drink.

You could have an entire meal with every bit of it infused with cannabis.

Don’t worry, you’d feel the effects.

The Advantages of Cannabis Edibles

The biggest advantage of eating cannabis is that you don’t have to inhale burnt plant material.

While the science suggests it’s not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, the less smoke you inhale, the better.

Moreover, cannabis edibles are discrete and delicious.

If you choose to consume freshly-harvested cannabis, you’ll also receive a higher dose of CBDA and THCA, compounds that are destroyed when the plant is set on fire.

Do you think you’d like to try cannabis-infused edibles after reading this article? Be sure to refer to our dosing recommendations above, if you do!

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medical marijuaa infused rice krispy treat

Edible Dosing Chart

beautiful medical marijuana nugget


You've never used marijuana before and are completely unfamiliar with the effects of the plant.

Initial Dose

5mg THC

No effect after 1 hour

Take No Action

No effect after 2 hours

5 mg THC

Be sure to start small. Take microdoses at first to better understand the effects of medical marijuana. Slowly increase the dosage to find the right amount for you. Cannabis tolerance is user-based, so you must experiment to find your correct dose. Gradually increase or decrease the dose by 5mg each time to get a more accurate dose where you are most comfortable while medicated.

two marijana nugs


You've used medical marijuana before and have some understanding of the plant.

Initial Dose

10 mg THC

No effect after 1 hour

Take No Action

No effect after 2 hours

Additional 10 mg THC

Increasing the amount of cannabis you consume is different with edibles because of the way it metabolizes in your body. Adding an additional 10 mg each time you decide to medicate is what's recommended for novice users. If you don't feel anything initially, the best thing to do is wait. Taking too little is better than taking too much. 

three marijuana buds


You've had several years of experience with the effects of your medication.

Initial Dose


No effect after 1 hour

Do what's right for you

No effect after 2 hours

Do what's right for you

No matter how experienced you may be, you can always take too much. Know your limits and know your boundaries. Implement your cannabis knowledge into your treatment plan to optimize the benefits you receive. 

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