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Dabbing 101: Marijuana Concentrates

medical marijuana concentrates

Dabbing 101: Try Before You Buy

  • What is dabbing? How it works, how to do it, and the products best suited for dabbing.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you’re not alone. For decades, it’s been hidden behind green curtains and stigmatized by every pillar of society.

Things are changing, however, and people are becoming more accepting of cannabis, even if they don’t know everything about it. That’s why some people are asking, “what is dabbing and how do I do take a dab?”

Welcome to Dabbing 101, your quick course to learning everything you need to know to get started with dabbing.

What Is Dabbing?

No, not the dance move.

Dabbing is the act of inhaling a concentrated, vaporized product. In this case, the dabs contain cannabis.

How does dabbing work?

Cannabinoids require activation before they’re useful. That’s why smokers expose cannabis to a flame; the combustion generates the chemical activity needed to induce the desired effects.

Dabbing doesn’t burn any material. Instead, its the process of heating cannabis to a point where the cannabinoids and terpenes evaporate.

In practice, this is done by first heating a surface to a temperature where contact with it will heat the cannabis product just enough to evoke evaporation.

dabs on a dab tool

How do I take a dab?

If you want to take a dab by yourself, you’ll need a few things:

  • A dab rig and nail

  • A dab tool

  • A carburetor

  • A blowtorch

  • Your product for dabbing


If you’re familiar with water bongs, a dab rig will feel somewhat familiar yet a touch intimidating. Instead of a bowl to place flower, you’ll find a ‘nail.’

With the blowtorch, heat the nail until its red hot, then let it cool for about 30 seconds.

Using the dab tool, pluck off a small amount of whatever product you’re using and place it into the nail.

Cover the product with the carburetor and spin it around to encourage even heating of the product.

Inhale through the process just as you would with a water bong.

Exhale in delight with the new experience high-potency cannabis products.

dab rig, wax, container, and torch
the most beautiful live rosin your nose has ever smelled

Dab It Out

When it comes to products like these, they’re loaded with cannabinoids. A small dose could be smaller than a cookie crumb. If it’s your first time taking a dab, make sure to start low and go slow. The experience can be much different than consuming flower.

As dabs become more popular and more refined, you might be curious to try it for yourself. Give us a call or contact us on social media if you have any other questions about dabbing and how it might impact you.

A Few Popular Forms of Dabs

If you’re looking to experiment with a few types of products for dabbing, consider these:


A glassy, smooth substance that can shatter into a million pieces if not handled properly. Breaks off nicely with a dab tool.


A malleable substance that tends to fall apart, or crumbles, when handled. It can be easily scooped into a nail.


A sticky substance that can be gooey or solid depending on its temperature. Glues to the dab tool before sliding off in the heated nail.


A buttery or creamy substance that is easily dropped into a dab rig.

Shatter - medical marijuana concentrates
medical maijuana concenrates - crumble
traditional wax - cannabis concentrates
shatter batter - a form of cannabs concentrate
a glob of marijuana concentrate

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