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Curing Your Cannabis Plants

Optimizing a Harvest by Curing Your Cannabis Like a Pro

  • How to cure cannabis, why you need to do it, and new techniques to improve your process.

Any Iroquois woodsman could probably get a fire started with wet firewood.

Most of us, however, might struggle with flint and steel.

Regardless, it’s common knowledge that things that are moist don’t burn well.

That’s why most everyone dries out their buds before sending them off for consumption.

However, not everyone intuitively understands the process of curing cannabis.

Durban Poison, a popular medical marijuana strain
curing cannabis in missouri

Do I Have to Cure My Buds?

The quick answer is no.

Not everyone prefers cured buds, but most people do it.

Here’s why.

Even after drying out cannabis sufficiently, there are still compounds inside the buds that may create a harsher flavor and hotter burn.

Such compounds include:

  • Chlorophyll

  • Pigments

  • Latent fertilizer salts

  • And more

Moreover, even after buds have been dried, curing ensures that there is a thorough, even dryness.

This process promotes:

  • Maximum cannabinoid levels

  • High terpene levels

  • Smooth taste

How does that happen?

Most simply, cultivators are using nature against the plant.

By providing air and light to the internal moisture, aerobic bacteria move in, consume the carbohydrates, chlorophyll, and other contaminants, and then disappear.

Techniques and Technology to Improve the Curing Process

Want to make the curing process easy on yourself? There are plenty of tools out there to help you.

Of course, glass mason jars in a cool, dark place are the most common way to go.

Here are a few of the latest techniques and technology to help with the cannabis curing process.

One interesting technique is that of curing for a longer period of time. It’s becoming akin to the wine or scotch industries aging their products.

People have noted that earthy, musky flavors age well in cannabis. However, they’ve conversely indicated that the piney and citrusy flavors haven’t performed as nicely.

Another company has a device that turns the weeks-long curing process into a 5-7 day endeavor.

Their equipment manipulates the environment in such a way that the process is sped up and they can infuse any terpene profile they want.

Some companies use a freeze-drying process to pare the process down even further to less than 36 hours.

They do so by deep-freezing, sublimating, and then drying the product.

You don’t have to be an Iroquois woodsman to understand why and how to cure your cannabis. Check out the free grow guide below to better understand how to cure your crop!

Download a FREE Grow Guide to Learn More

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