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Your Body, Your Choice: How to Talk to Friends and Family About Medical Marijuana

How to talk to you family and friends about marijuana use

Your health choices are no one else’s business, but you shouldn’t have to hide in the shadows to take your medicine!

Around two percent of Missouri’s adult population currently has a marijuana card. At least a million more adults have one or more of the conditions that qualify for medical marijuana in the Show Me State, but we all seem to be struggling with how to handle the conversation.

Despite the fact that most Americans think marijuana should be legalized in some way, there is still a stigma associated with cannabis use. Internalizing past ways of thinking about our favorite plant (or fearing judgement from friends and family) may prevent people who could get the most out of marijuana’s healing properties from even giving it a try.

Missouri Marijuana Card is here to help you find ways to get past the stigma, and to confidently pursue a treatment plan that works for you. You deserve to take control of your health in 2021, and knowing how to talk to the people who are important in your life may result in a kind of support you never expected!

Your Health Decisions are Between You and Your Doctor - Why Should You Talk About Medical Marijuana With Friends and Family?

We get that the decisions you make about your health are private, and you may not want to talk about them with anyone else. However, it’s nearly impossible to hide your treatment choices from the people you live with (unless you are relying on edibles or tinctures), and you might want to talk to those close to you in order to get support as you deal with your symptoms or conditions.

Additionally, picking up medical marijuana and supplies isn’t exactly a private affair like when you visit a pharmacy for insulin. When you get your prescription medications, no one knows what you’re going in for. But there’s no denying why you’re there if someone sees you walking into a Greenlight, a KC Cannabis Company, or any other Missouri Dispensary.

If you live in a small town like Troy, there’s a solid chance you won’t be able to go anywhere near the Green Releaf dispensary without someone you know driving by.

Besides, no one wants to feel like their medicine is taboo or unacceptable among friends and family. Especially when it is perfectly legal, and Aunt Martha could probably use some for her arthritis anyway.

The most awkward conversations about medical marijuana take place with three different types of people: The Skeptics, The Judges, and The Stoners.

How to Talk About Medical Marijuana With the Skeptics in Your Life

Skeptics are probably the easiest people to talk to when it comes to your medical marijuana use. They aren’t here to tell you what to do. They just want to make sure you aren’t hurting yourself, and they aren’t sold on this newfangled “plant medicine” craze.

1. Have Your Facts in Order

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but convincing a skeptic that medical marijuana is a healthy choice for you might require a little preparation. Missouri Marijuana Card’s blog is an excellent starting point, and the National Center for Biotechnology Information is a storehouse for scientific studies of all kinds. Depending on the condition you are trying to treat, you may be able to find numerous publications supporting your choices.

2. Get Testimonials

Is there an acquaintance you both respect that uses medical marijuana? You may be able to get them to back you up. Having more than one person involved in the conversation may help you feel more supported as you talk to your Skeptic as well.

3. Point Out That Your Cannabis Use is Under the Direction of a Doctor

The Skeptic in your life just wants what’s best for you, and they might be concerned that using cannabis for your condition could be damaging. Getting a Missouri marijuana card means you have to get the recommendation of a doctor. When they know that a medical professional has given you the all-clear and may be supervising your treatment, your Skeptic may breathe a sigh of relief.

How to Talk About Medical Marijuana With the Judges in Your Life

Judges may be the most difficult people to talk to, because they are set in their ways and not concerned with changing their point of view without a compelling reason. Despite their stubbornness, they are most likely just concerned about your wellbeing.

1. Focus on What You Need for Yourself

When you let the Judge in your life know that you want and need their love and support, and that you are not asking for their approval, you may be able to disarm them fairly quickly. Make sure they know that you have researched your options, and that the choice you made is because you think it’s the best decision for you.

2. Let Them Know That You Still Love Them

Often, people who spend a lot of time judging others are reflecting their own insecurities. And one of the roots of all insecurity is that we will be unloved when another person makes a decision that doesn’t align with our values. Make sure the judgmental person in your life knows that your choice to use medical marijuana is about you not them.

3. Talk About Responsible Cannabis Use

Unfortunately, the image of cannabis-users being irresponsible and lazy is persistent in our culture even today. Make sure the Judge in your life knows that there are plenty of ways to use cannabis responsibly, and that it is recognized as a legitimate medicine recommended by a doctor.

How to Talk About Cannabis Use With the Stoners in Your Life

We included this category of friends and family because of the awkward conversation that may come when your stoner friend or cousin starts asking you if you can hook them up. Or if you want to party with them. We aren’t saying that good times are off limits with medical marijuana. Frankly, the fact that medical marijuana is enjoyable to use is one of our favorite parts!

But it may be challenging for friends who have traditionally used illicit marijuana for recreational purposes to understand that this is a choice you’ve made for your health.

1. Keep the Focus on Your Health

It may be challenging to get people to understand that enjoyment is a fortunate side effect of using medical marijuana. But the fact that medical marijuana is recognized as a legitimate medicine in most states is proof that cannabis isn’t just for fun. Make sure the Stoner in your life understands that medical marijuana is an important part of your treatment plan for your personal health—and smiles are just your favorite byproduct.

2. Let Them Know You’re Not Judging Them for Their Non-Medical Use

If you want to keep your relationship with the Stoner in your life light and breezy after explaining to them that you are only using your product for medicinal purposes, then you might need to let them know that you are not judging their non-medical use.

Dennis Peron, known for co-authoring California’s medical marijuana bill, was against “recreational” marijuana legalization, because he believed that every instance of cannabis use is medicinal, whether it’s intentional or not.

3. Talk About Consequences of Sharing Your Stash Illegally

Missouri dispensaries have a wide variety of cannabis products available that may be challenging to obtain through the illicit market. But sharing your haul could get you into serious trouble. Make sure the Stoner in your life understands that asking you to “hook them up” could result in hefty fines and possibly even jail time.

Talking to Friends and Family About Medical Marijuana May Have Surprising Results!

The people who are closest to you are in your life for a reason. Usually, your most important relationships are founded on some level of mutual care and respect. Even if they struggle to understand differences, friends and family are usually there for you when it’s important.

Talking to your loved ones about medical marijuana may feel awkward at first, but you could be surprised by the support you get! With medical marijuana becoming more accepted in the US, people are starting to get curious.

You may even be able to convince Aunt Martha to get her Missouri marijuana card and give cannabis a try for her aching hip!


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