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Curating Cannabis Cultivation Tactics; Why So Meticulous?

cannabis flowering in a cultivation facility
Cannabis Cleanliness

- Why does cannabis need such a clean and stable environment to grow properly?

Have you seen the progression of the cannabis industry in the past decade? Nations have begun to legalize its recreational consumption, more places are studying its medicinal benefits, and industries are showing that are not only is industry viable, but massively profitable. In fact, some are speculating that the cannabis industry will be making more money than the NFL by the end of 2020.

It’s no surprise. Have you stepped foot into a legal dispensary lately? It’s become a trope that they are looking more like Apple stores than anything else.

Though you may be impressed with the looks of dispensaries, you’d be just as impressed with the indoor grow operations for cannabis cultivation. They require the same meticulous care as an Apple store. It may seem like overkill, but there are plenty of good reasons to maintain a clean grow room for cannabis.

Ca man carefully nurtures a cannabis plant
Cannabis cultivator

Clean Rooms Keep the Bugs Out

There is one big problem when it comes to implementing solid insect and pest management (IPM) strategies for cannabis cultivation: it’s still federally illegal to produce it. As a result, EPA-registered pesticides are not allowed. States have determined which pesticides are allowed within their borders, but the lack of consistency means the best practices for cannabis IPM have yet to be defined.

So, many growers are relying on the cleanliness of their grow rooms to ensure that the bugs stay away.

Many of the insects and pests which harm cannabis rely on untidy, unkempt areas to propagate their own kind. The longer a bucket sits with dirt and dust collecting underneath it, for example, the more likely that spider mites—or some other creature—will move into the grow room.

untrimmed cannabis flower.
Organic cannabis

Clean Rooms, Clean Air, Clean Respiration

The cleanliness of the grow room isn’t limited to the arrangement and filth-levels of growing containers. Just as important as the floor, counters, and corners, is the air which the plants breathe.

Not only do cannabis plants ‘breathe’, but it’s also been shown that they respond to their environment in kind. A report from 2011 noted that cannabis can control its stomata in a way that makes it less likely to suffer in times of heightened CO2 levels.

Although they might perform well enough under adverse conditions, the higher the quality of air the plants are transpiring, the better their own production.

Do you have a better understanding of why you should keep your grow room clean? If so, please share this article with your friends!

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