Missouri Medical Marijuana Dispensary Prices

Missouri Dispensary Prices - Find The Best Deals on Medical Marijuana

With Missouri's medical marijuana program still on the rise, you might have heard stories about the current pricing being too high. Fortunately, the situation is changing and we are now seeing a more dispensaries across Missouri open up and take the charge to lower medical marijuana prices! Below, you'll find a breakdown of the types of medical marijuana products that are currently available at Missouri dispensaries and some of the best dispensary prices and deals out there. 

If you know of any great deals that aren't included on this page, please email information to info@missourimarijuanacard.com and we'll get the information posted. 

How Can I Access Missouri Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

In order to access dispensaries and begin purchasing products, patients must first obtain their medical marijuana card. At Missouri Marijuana Card, you can now get approved for medical marijuana through telemedicine! Telemed allows you to have your appointment right in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card to Access Missouri Dispensaries!

Missouri Medical Marijuana Products and Prices

Updated 10/22/2020

Ellisville - Best Dispensary Prices, Deals and Discounts


3.5g Flower | $59.99 | N'Bliss


CBD Honey Sticks | $2.49 each | N'Bliss

Manchester- Best Dispensary Prices, Deals and Discounts


3.5g Flower | $59.99 | N'Bliss

1g Pre-roll | $9.99| N'Bliss


CBD Honey Sticks | $2.49 each |N'Bliss

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