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All Natural Pesticides for Cannabis Cultivation

Organic Cannabis Pesticides
Aphids Pest Control

So you’ve got your grow going...

but you notice these tiny little bugs crawling up the underside of the leaves of your plants. What’s a grower to do? Like the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Preventing pests is much easier than eradicating them.


There are several ways to do this.  

~Keeping air moving in your tents is an easy start. Pests need still air to land and mate on your plants, a small circulation fan is equal to a hurricane when you’re an 18th of a centimeter small!

~In the early stages of your grow, spray a diluted peppermint oil and filtered water mix to your plants once a day. It’s natural, safe for human consumption, and will not hurt your grow. (Keep in mind this is best to do before flowering, once flowering starts, you don’t want to be spraying consumable parts of your plants)


So you’ve done your best to prevent pests, but somehow, they got in.

Now what? Aphids, spider mites, and fungus gnats are the most common pests you’ll find on a cannabis grow. There are quite a few ways to rid your garden of pests, but here are a few of the safe options (if done correctly.)


Garlic, in a mix of mineral oil and water, sprayed directly onto leaves will kill aphids. Spider mites can be rinsed off, but only before flowering. Fungus gnats need moist topsoil, so keeping that first layer dried with your fans and lights shouldn’t be too difficult. After all of the time, money and effort that goes into a cannabis grow, it would be a shame to watch the harvest wither and die at the hands of pesky garden pests. Stop critters from overtaking your pot plants with these simple tips for cannabis pest prevention.

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